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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"New" Historic Districts for St. Louis

Think the recession has slowed the revitalization of St. Louis to a halt?

Well, it has not slowed historic district nominations in St. Louis, which, through tax credit availability, provide an economic boon to the host district!

The map below shows National Register of Historic Places districts that were: a) recently approved and listed; b) currently being surveyed; or c) rumored to be in the works. To view my comments with each district, please view the larger map.

View 2009 - New Historic Districts in St. Louis in a larger map

If you know of any others, comment on this post and let me know.

Special thanks to Michael Allen of Ecology of Absence for helping me with this map.


Unknown said...

These are great and seem like no-brainers. Perhaps the question is what neighborhood(s) in the city should not be historic districts. I say, give us city-wide historic preservation review for starters!

Mark Groth said...

Great map. I assume the pink quadrant is McKinley Heights.

STLgasm said...

The entire city is worthy of historic designation. We are so lucky to have such a rich architectural landscape, even despite so many tragic losses throughout the years. One especially worthy district is Washington/Olive between Boyle and Walton. Such potential-- its amazing it remains so relatively desolate.

Matt M. said...

The map is clickable. ( least I think so. Do you need to have a Google account to expand the map?)

^Agreed, SLUW and 'gasm.

Anonymous said...

These are great. While not as old overall I would love to see Kingshighway Hills (part of Northampton)and Southampton as well.

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