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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

40 Broadway

In my absence from posting, my St. Louis excursions to blog about kept piling up to the point where the heap became incredibly intimidating. While they continue to accumulate, I thought I'd take a night off and post about one of the more recent ones--my trip to Badenfest, in North City, via the #40 Broadway bus.

St. Louis has plenty of amazing bus lines--ones that casually weave through our city's storied urban fabric and allow a passenger a finer look into our city than if he is driving himself. Take the #73 Carondelet, for instance, which offers glimpses into Lafayette Square, Benton Park, Dutchtown, and, of course, Carondelet.

Besides a short a jaunt over to the Anheuser Busch tourist center, the #40 is not a bus I'd recommend a visitor to our city hop aboard for some sight-seeing. It mostly sticks to Broadway itself, which, north of downtown, can be less than visually stellar. Even so, this is St. Louis, and even the most forlorn and neglected parts of town have an amazing backstory. While Rob Powers can show you each and every surviving house left in this now-mostly industrial district, I can only offer you what's visible from the bus.

Here are a few captures from my bus ride from downtown to the Baden neighborhood in North City.

Now arriving in Baden:

The Baden business district, seen above, is one of the city's most intact and attractive commercial corridors. The wide street made crowds seem a bit sparse at Badenfest this past Saturday, but the mood was lively and the smells wafting from barbecue pits were irresistible.

If you're ever hankering for an adventure on a Saturday or Sunday morning, there's really no better way to do it than to hop on a bus that you don't know very well (or at all!) and see where it takes you. See something interesting? Pull the chord and stop there!

Just as an FYI to all current and potential transit users: Metro is restoring yet more service on August 30. So before I send you to bus schedules, be forewarned that they're nearly all about to change. For more information on Restoration 2010, Round Two, click here. Soon, you'll have less of an excuse not to hop a more frequent bus to exotic parts of our city and region.


R Koscielniak said...

Thanks for making this area seem accessible and open - too often the story of North City is obfuscated with the gossip of crime and punishment. Changes takes a good eye to understand that all parts of this city have something unique to offer.

Unknown said...

I have not been to that part of the city - thanks for the insight. The market looks interesting.

Doug Duckworth said...

Miss working up there. Though pulling a cord on the 40 Broadway will make u wait quite a long time for the next bus!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss this blog. :(

phillip said...

Although I get no business from there and very little business to there, it is a great cut-through to get to alton and north county from downtown. In my travels through there in the past few years you can see a slow transition for the better. It is a shame that more rehab is not happening in that area. The architecture is interesting and the local businesses could sure use the buinesses could use the new and fresh breathe of fresh air.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog -- so well written and full of great info.

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