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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Forest Park Southeast to Receive Much Needed Streetscape/Infrastructure Improvements

Before I headed off to the University of New Orleans, I lived in a cozy apartment in Forest Park Southeast, a.k.a. the Grove. You might recognize it.

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No, I did not live inside the restaurant (the delectable Sweetie Pie's), but rather above it.

I loved living in the Grove, but coming home each day only reminded me of how much Manchester needs a makeover. Of course, as I've referred to in previous posts such as this one, I think many St. Louis streets could use the median treatment. It adds greenery, helps aid in pedestrian crossings, and beautifies a street. Of course, it requires maintenance.

That's why I was happy to hear about the creation of the Grove Community Improvement District (CID), recently approved by the Board of Alderman.

This is from the 17th Ward Website

Neighborhood residents, business and property owners have joined together to form the Grove Community Improvement District (CID). The purpose of CID is to develop a comprehensive plan and budget to meet the needs of Manchester Avenue. After receiving feedback from various groups within the community, those involved in creating the CID aim to use funds to enhance security, plant trees and flowers along Manchester, repave and maintain new sidewalks, increase street cleaning, pursue marketing opportunities and coordinate economic development activities. The Grove Community Improvement District will allow Forest Park Southeast to compete with neighborhoods like the Central West End, South Grand and the University City Loop.

There's also an article about the CID here.

Streetscape improvements are long overdue for the Grove.

While you wait for new sidewalks and lighting on your way to Atomic Cowboy, check out the new Forest Park Southeast welcome sign/entry marker. Thanks to my good friend (and roommate at the Manchester apartment) Joe Decepida.


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