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Monday, September 22, 2008

I haven't forgotten about Blairmont!

Neither has Rob Powers, who's on Day 188 of the Daily Dose of Blairmont.

It's simply ludicrous that any private citizen can track so many instances of illegal demolitions--with photographic evidence--and not produce any reaction from the local leadership.

Whether you want a big economic development scheme for North St. Louis, or you're squarely opposed to anyone touching the land other than a community-based entity, you should be against what is occurring right now. A well-connected, monied developer continues to chip away at neighborhoods, inciting further crime, abandonment, and disinvestment--saying nothing of preservation of irreplaceable architecture. We've seen rampant arsons and brick rustling. We've seen a lot of activity by Paul McKee and his various holding companies, but little activity from city government.

This is no way to "redevelop" neighborhoods.

This is one big, city-rubberstamped crime. It's also an excellent precedent for top-down, secretive planning when all other civilized places go to great lengths to avoid that kind of "planning".

This could happen again--somewhere else. Could the Ville be next?

What can I do? Locked down in New Orleans, what can I do?


Doug Duckworth said...

What can I do as a resident of St. Louis City?

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