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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Here's an in-post poll.

Where did you do most of your shopping for gifts?

Free-form Answers welcome.

What percentage of your gifts did you purchase within the city of St. Louis?

What was your "mall count" in the shopping season?

Did you make it a point to support local businesses this holiday season? If so, which businesses did you patronize? Which did you find was the best shopping experience?

Spill all the beans about your holiday experience here. Please.

...and Happy Holidays, everyone!


josh said...

My word verification was "phoyer." Cool.
My wife and I live in California, and I haven't lived in StL for a while, but every christmas, even if I'm not in St. Louis, I make it a point to get folks gifts from Left Bank Books, which I did online this year. We also went to the little local downtown area where we live and shopped. So maybe 75% of our shopping was done at small businesses.

Anonymous said...

Downtown Saint Louis City.

80% purchases in the City; 20% online.

No malls.

All purchases were local except for online - Soulard Market, Macy's, Crown Candy. Soulard Market was the best. Macy's had the best selection.

Matt M. said...

I almost always hit:

Left Bank (CWE, now downtown also)

Cassies (perfume bar and gift shop in the CWE)

Morris Fashions (for upscale, but affordable clothing, also in the CWE)

The Porch (for sundries, in Soulard)

Nature's Aglow II (in Southampton, again for sundries, candles, etc.)

Craft Alliance (in the Loop, for cheap pottery and other handmade goods).

I will post more as I think of them.

Brian said...

I did most of my shopping downtown.

- Made several purchases at the new Left Bank.
- Picked up lots of bargains at Macy's.
- Made small purchases at Big River Running and UMA.
- Hit the Hampton Target for a few other random items and toys for my daughter.
- Bought a Coach purse for my wife at West County.
- Picked up a jacket from the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood.
- Made an online purchase from Banana Republic.
- Bought gift certificates from Stellina Pasta - restaurant gift certificates are a super-easy way to support local businesses and expose your friends/family to parts of the city that they might not be familiar with.

I meant to get some small gifts at Kakao on Cherokee, but forgot to make my way over there.

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