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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What used to be inside Fox Park?

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From the above Google Earth historic aerial (dating to 1996), one can see what looks to be residential or commercial buildings on the southeast corner of Fox Park (California and Victor).

Anyone know what these buildings were? Photos?

The Fox Park Master Plan mentioned that some buildings were cleared in 2000. Speaking of the Master Plan, it's a more than worthy document and a great vision for a small urban park. Check it out here.

UPDATE: The city's records show that a retail building (or two?) was wrecked in November of 2000 under an emergency demolition permit. I wonder what it was...


Brian said...

I remember that there used to be a small grocery store at the western edge that was torn down and is now additional park space.

Michael R. Allen said...

Iowa used to go through to Shenandoah, and was vacated to create the park. The eastern end of the park site contained sheds for the Fox Brothers Manufacturing Company, which had a wood mill just south of the park site. Various commercial and residential buildings were on the rest of the site. The extreme western end was home to Merchants Coal and Ice Company, which had its office on the corner of California & Shenandoah and its brick wagon shed on Victor.

Matt M. said...

Wow! Thanks for the information. Was any of this truly architecturally significant? Do you know if there are any photos of the former site?

Chris said...

Go to this URL:

The Sanborn Fire Insurance maps will help you put the buildings back together.

State Streets said...

and real foxes

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