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Monday, August 31, 2009


With any luck, this blog should return to regular activity soon.

I visited St. Louis for almost two weeks instead of my usual week-long return visits, and so I have a lot I'll eventually report on from that visit.

In short, though:

The weather was spectacular. I don't ever remember in one of my 22 years living in the city an August being so pleasant and non-humid.

I thought I had seen every photographic angle of Citygarden and so wasn't expecting to be as impressed and as surprised by the place as I was. It's a great space. Obviously, the planner in me worries about the longevity of Citygarden given the relative deadness of its edges (and, well, winter). Yet I have to say it was joyous for me seeing people feel so at ease in a downtown once declared dead by the New York Times (currently searching for that article reference). And so many of them too! In two weeks' time, I visited Citygarden five times and never felt bored at any one of them. And people were everywhere.

I finally got to Niche. And Taste. I fall in love with Benton Park more and more with each visit back to St. Louis.

More thoughts on Culinaria, Old Post Office Plaza, and other items at a later date.

For now, I am focused on getting this post-forsaken blog back on its feet.

Thanks for sticking with me.


ablank said...

Yay! More Dotage. I'm excited to hear about Niche, a place I heard much about and never got to go to.

Brian said...

I need to check out that taste bar. Niche is wonderful.

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