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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Preservation Board Agenda Includes Some Ridiculous Demolitions in Very Historic Neighborhoods

Access it here.

The proposed demolitions include:

1925 S. 10th St. in Soulard

View Larger Map

107 Victor in Kosciusko
(which, by the way, appears to be one of the very last buildings remaining from St. Louis's early urban renewal project)

View Larger Map

1103 Montgomery in Old North St. Louis
(Bing Maps Aerial View)

4250 Shaw in Shaw
(Bing Maps Aerial View)

These are horribly egregious examples of sacking incredibly important historic contexts in each neighborhood. More details as they come.


Ted said...

What is the reason for the demolitions in Soulard and Shaw? I can at least wrap my head around the other two, but those two don't make any sense. I know there is no way they will get approved, but why would they try?

Brian said...


That Kociusko building is COOL.

Matt M. said...

I am unsure of the reasons as these are just the preliminary reports that list the addresses and proposed action.

I am in disbelief at the Soulard one. It's St. Louis's most quaint and historic neighborhood, and that's the one block in the whole neighborhood that's dominated by parking lots, yet still has enough context left to be considered attractive. Lose this building and the balance goes to the ugly. Plus, it's a classic St. Louis vernacular building that has made Soulard famous. Give it to me, I'll rehab it!

It better not be to expand the parking lot...

I am personally saddened by the Kosciusko one, because I know there will be no one to defend it. What a cool piece of history. I wish someone would pay to move it onto one of those Soulard parking lots. It's not too far away...

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