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Saturday, May 29, 2010

South Grand Branding

The Grand South Grand business district is searching for a logo that will capture the visual aesthetic of the area. Three options have been provided on their well-used Facebook page. Which do you prefer, if any?

Number One?

Number Two?

Or Number Three?

While commenters on Facebook have not been kind to number two, I like its reference to Tower Grove Park and the neighborhood and business district's relationship to it. What sort of symbols, colors, etc. would you use to capture the essence of South Grand?


Carrie Nenonen said...

I would like a mix of numeros uno and tres! I agree with the FBers... 2 doesn't do it for me either!

Justin said...

I love #2. I wonder why others don't like it. #3 looks dated and #1 is boring.

miguelito said...

I'm not in love with any of them. Maybe they should talk to the folks who branded Midtown Alley--great work there!

STLouisrealtor said...

I prefer number 3, although I am thinking it may be too busy to be used on a variety of mediums. Has one been decided on?

Matt M. said...

I don't believe they've made a decision yet. I'm also not sure if these are the only three choices. At any rate, they were the only three on the Grand South Grand Facebook page.

samizdat said...

#1: Boring. Also, don't like the way the shield brackets the letters G and D. #2: The 70's called and want their typeface back. Plus, a griffin? #3: Too busy.

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