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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where to Live?

Now that I've moved back to St. Louis (still getting settled in--please pardon the quietness of this blog), I'm now having to ask myself where I'll live when I get my own place. While I love my parents' house in Bevo and its location, I don't think I'll stay in the neighborhood. I work downtown and would like a simple, hassle-free commute by bus, train, or foot.

Just when I think I have decided on one neighborhood to settle into, another steals my heart. Will it ultimately be Old North's overwhelming community spirit and promise of a bright future that wins out? Will it be Benton Park's glut of beautiful architecture and great coffee shops? The Grove's eclectic style and thumping nightlife? Or the sheer convenience of downtown? I have a tough decision ahead and will keep everyone posted.


Daron said...

I won't be back in the city for another five months or so, but I've got the exact same question in mind. Do post a full statement of your reasoning when you do make a decision.

The Iron Horse Trestle, Riverfront Trail, and downtown Bike Station have me leaning towards Old North some days.

The Grove has a lot of potential though, and there are a few dozen interesting ways to bike downtown from there. Grover's a great salesman... Just think about those fire hyrdants. :)

WasabiNet just got good press. Could Cherokee Street land Google Fiber for the whole city? Good stuff, good people, good building... Decent trees...

Are you renting or buying?

Anonymous said...

Fox Park!

STLgasm said...

Flip a 16-sided coin. There are just too many great neighborhoods in this city.

Unknown said...

I lived in tower grove and worked downtown and soulard for about 2-3 years.

The biking is perfect with bike lanes, wide streets or low traffic streets all the way there. I lived near grand and gravois and the hardest part of getting to soulard was getting onto gravois, from there it was smooth sailing, just watch out for people getting out of parked cars.

I did have a problem riding the train at night. Like midnight late. The train ends at one time and the bus stops running before that. Hopefully they've changed that since then but you don't want to be walking home past grand and chouteau at 2am. Again, hopefully changed since then.

I'm jealous by the way. I may never come home.

Maude said...


Stefene said...

This is great news, Matt! Let us know if we can help in any way. Matt Fernandez at the Old North Restoration Group office can send you a list of avaialble stuff just for the asking (rentals and for-sale both, not sure if you are renting or buying). Of course we are super partial to Old North, but I think any of the neighborhoods you mention would be lovely.

Battra13 said...

I'd suggest the Shaw neighborhood.

Matt Fernandez said...

We'd love to have you up here in Old North. You know where to find me if you have any questions. Our Grocery Co-Op is celebrating it's grand opening July 17, Crown Square is almost completed, and the bus runs directly downtown if you don't want to take a short bike ride to your office. Not to mention the incredible views of downtown and the northside from a second floor window. Plus, you can walk over and help me rebuild my house on weekends.

Anonymous said...

When I move from the burbs to the city in a few years, it will most likely be to Shaw of Compton Heights.

Doug Duckworth said...

McKinley Heights is within walking distance to Benton Park, Cherokee, Soulard, and Lafayette Square.

Mary H. said...

I know this cute little Lindenwood Park house for sale since the owner moved to Kansas.

Brian said...

Ever think about Benton Park West?

Anonymous said...

Old North St. Louis is an awesome growing neighborhood with a bright future!!!

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