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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Triangle, Benton Park West

When my parents' neighbors in Bevo announced they were moving and put up a "For Sale" sign, I couldn't help but think perhaps urban life had gotten the best of them. Perhaps I was stereotyping just a bit--she's pregnant, and so I assumed that she was preempting the tough decision ahead when her child reached school age by moving to a better school district now.

To my surprise, she told me she was moving to the "Triangle". I was intrigued that she assumed I would know where this mysterious neighborhood was. At first, I was thinking of the Ivory Triangle in Carondelet/the Patch. Then I figured it out: that wedge of Benton Park West bounded by Arsenal on the south, Jefferson on the east, and Gravois to the northwest, forming a pretty neat triangle. She confirmed this nebulous Near South Side neighborhood to be the same Triangle in which she and her husband were undertaking a four-family rehab!

The Triangle has no shortage of Essential Red Brick St. Louis, but this Second Empire-styled commercial building and its neighbors form one of my favorite street scenes in the area, at Texas and Lynch:

Whether you call it Benton Park West, the Triangle, or something else entirely, this is a neighborhood that St. Louis should be showing off! May many more intrepid pregnant women decide to rehab forlorn homes here!


Matt Kastner said...

This place is just behind my office/home on Gravois. I have never been inside, but it is the nicest residential property in that area of the neighborhood by far. I am getting close to finally finishing my place at 2654 Gravois, but if only a couple of the other commercial buildings just to the north on Gravois would get some love, maybe we would see more residential projects like that one on Texas in the area.

Jelly Girl said...

Yea! Glad to see folks moving into this area. We have a house at 2733 Arsenal.

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