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Friday, April 18, 2008

My Call to Paul (McKee, Jr.)

[Dials McEagle Properties at 636-561-9300]

Upbeat Woman: McEagle Properties! How may I help you?

Me: I'd like to speak with someone familiar with the Blairmont holdings in north St. Louis City.

Upbeat Woman: I'll put you through to [name spoken too fast]. He's the representative you'll need to speak to.

Me: Okay.

Man: [Says his name, which, again, I miss]

Me: Hi. Do you represent Paul McKee, Jr.?

Man: On some matters, yes.

Me: Well, I am calling in reference to the Blairmont holding companies on the north side of St. Louis. I am an avid reader of Robert Powers' Built St. Louis blog. He has documented some of Mr. McKee's properties every day for nearly the past 50 days now. The pictures show homes that have been brick rustled, demolished by neglect, you name it.

Man: All right. Who is this, if I may ask?

Me: My name is Matt. I'm just a concerned citizen.

Man: That's actually a blog we're not going to comment on at this time.

Me: Is there anyone I could speak to that will offer a comment?

Man: Well, I believe that blog encouraged readers to call the police if they see brick rustlers, which is totally legitimate. We share your concerns.

Me: But is there any way any specific concerns could be addressed?

Man: That is all I can offer you. I thank you for your comments and I will definitely make a note of them.

Me: All right. Thanks for your time.

Note: This was not tape recorded. This is how the conversation went as I recalled. Nothing is an exact quote, though the statement in italics is pretty close, if not exact.


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