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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mini-Tour of Historic Carondelet

Thanks to a combination of Norbury Wayman's History of St. Louis Neighborhoods and improvements in online mapping technology (; Google's StreetView), we can now take an online, no-calories-burnt tour of St. Louis neighborhoods!

Just a couple of Norbury notables from Carondelet and the Patch:

First, from Steinstown, a Carondelet German sub-neighborhood.

The iconic Steins Row, at Steins and Pennsylvania, built somewhere between the 1840s and 1850s:


The Jacob Stein House - 7600 Reilly, built sometime pre-Civil War (not a great picture at all)


Confederate General John S. Bowen's residence at Michigan and Kraus, built 1850(?):

View Larger Map


American Gothic House at 5801 Minnesota. The city claims it was built in 1892; it was likely built much earlier, perhaps 1850s:

View Larger Map

This is a truly rare style for St. Louis. Most Gothic-styled homes were built before the Civil War, and, due to the style's association with religious architecture, it was used sparingly in residential settings. This is unabashedly Gothic, however. And it appears occupied and a splendid contributor to Greater Carondelet's impressivly diverse architectural cache.


John Krauss residence, built 1842, located at 122 E. Davis (just east of Broadway):

The above representation couldn't capture a good front facade shot due to foliage, but you can tell from this perspective that this is one stately home, occupying its own block.

Sixth, and finally:

The Lyle House, inside Carondelet Park, built 1842:

These early structures provide a link to past that not many St. Louisans know to appreciate. While colonial and antebellum St. Louis is largely erased, it is good to know that some of the town of Carondelet (annexed by the City of St. Louis in 1850) has indeed survived.


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