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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Bricks

Walking home the other day, through one of New Orleans' most beautiful Creole neighborhoods called the Marigny (that's MARE-in-ee), I spied a refurbished sidewalk out front of an up-to-the-street cottage.

The brick pavers looked worn, full of character--like they'd had a gloriously long lifespan already to be so graciously reincarnated.

As I looked closer, I saw the word:


I suddenly hunkered closer to the sidewalk in fearful hope of finding another. I must have looked like I was rearing to pounce on a lizard or something to an outside observer.

I found another.


Scrawled across the ruddy brick in arcane, large letters.

And another.


Then one with a company's name (wish I could remember it). Underneath that company's name?


Could it be? Blairmont's brick rustlers are making their dimes off of New Orleans' streetscaping needs?

This article seems to hint that our bricks are headed to New Orleans to aid in the recovery.

I can't bear to think, though, that the Near North Side might be being sacked for sidewalks down South.

And that I might be walking over my home town's heritage on a daily basis.

Could it be true?

I walked down two more blocks.

Another sidewalk re-do.

I scan once more, bending my torso far too forward on account of my poor eyesight. These bricks look just like the other. No intermittent St. Louises though. Hmm...

Aha...tucked away. A signature brick, emblazoned with those letters I could never let escape from my view.



Lolololori said...


that is craziness.

Matt M. said...

I will try to get photos. I need to procure a camera.

I couldn't believe it myself.

My own apartment's brick pavers are from a company out of Detroit, I discovered.

Go figure.

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