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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Walnut Park East and West

I'm a total nerd, and totally obsessed with St. Louis, so I think about these things.

What are the Walnut Park neighborhoods like?

I got to thinking last night, while doing my Patch post, that there are some neighborhoods through which I've rarely traversed.

Besides cruising down Goodfellow and Riverview and other such streets back in the days of car ownership, I don't believe I've ever been through the residential streets of these two neighborhoods.

Am I missing out? I don't really know, I guess.

Well, luckily, as with the Patch, St. Louis Community Information Network has some pictures.

I won't post so many of the city's photographs this time, but I do have to ask: what's the residential context of the two neighborhoods? Walnut Park was ignored by Google's Streetview mappers, so that's no use.

Is it more like this house, on 5949 Lalite Avenue (W.P. West):

Or this one, at 6006 Garesche Avenue (also W.P. West):

Or it is more of a Baden-like hodgepodge?

Is it in good condition? Bad? Terrible?

Are there any neighborhood businesses? A small business district that's escaped me over all these years of dotage?


Rick Bonasch said...

The area has a lot of burned out buildings and high crime. There is a lot of illegal dumping and dead vegetation.

It is very low income. It is predominantly African American. It is on the edge of the area served by the Riverview West Florissant Development Corporation.

Unlike most of the city, a lot of houses are built out of wood frame construction.

If you interested in the area, contact me and I can help you get involved.

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