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Monday, June 22, 2009

San Luis Demolition Approved

According to a Tweet by Steve Patterson around 9:45 p.m. tonight, the Preservation Board has approved demolition of the San Luis Apartments for a surface lot.

I am more than interested to hear how this lot adheres to ordinance standards.

Is a lawsuit possible?

Updates to come...


Andrew J. Faulkner said...

I texted you (or what I thought was your number) At 10pm after three and a half hours of testimony it was 2-2 with Callow breaking the tie in favor of preliminary approval of demolition. Noticeably absent from the entire hearing were Mary "One" Johnson, John Burse, David Visintainer and Terry Kennedy.

I believe the votes were:
Anthony Robinson - Against
Melanie Fathman - Against
Phyllis Young - For *
David Richardson - For
Richard Callow - For **

* Reluctantly introduced motion after coercion
** Tie breaking vote

Ald. Phyllis Young sat on the board as the representative of the BOA, and Ald. Anthony French sat in the audience.

In the end it came down to Ald. Krewson's testimony that despite the fact that rehab was proved feasible and the current layout provides for more parking than requested the diocese would never sell nor finance upkeep so a parking lot was preferable to a decaying building.

As an added dig to you guys in NOLA Kate Shea, Callow and Dan Jay (architect of record from Christner) maintained the coordinated line that Charles Colbert was an insignificant regional architect. You know, despite being a fellow of the AIA (something pretty much no one at Christner will ever achieve) and dean of Columbia.

I will be posting videos on my blog shortly. The sound system "didn't work" so I am unsure how clear the audio is.

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