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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Would You Do to Improve the Morgan Ford Strip?

The unusually active folks behind the Morgan Ford Strip revitalization in Tower Grove South are soliciting ideas of events to hold on the street that will pull people to its growing repertoire of attractions.

Got any? Send them directly to the Strip via this Facebook link, or comment here.

I suggested a bike-in movie theater. For the cost of a projection screen and some creative signage, this would be a major neighborhood attraction that would get more people biking and walking. No cars allowed! (I yanked this idea from an awesome New Orleans Main Street Program street, O.C. Haley Boulevard in Central City. Great idea, guys!) I think it would work well on Morgan Ford. How about this spot below? I can't think of a better use of an otherwise unused parking lot at night.

View Larger Map

Project on the side of the commercial building; bike parking along the fence or at one of several cool bike racks on the Strip, and, voila, a neighborhood bike-in movie theater!


Daron said...

I agree with your assessment. That building should act as a screen.

I am ever a fan of temporary street closures for nonsense. A soccer field of modified dimensions would fit easily in the street. Get a charity game between the two local teams. There are many. UMSL, SLU, and Wash U are all in different divisions and never get to play each other. SLU is clearly the best funded, but if a best of STL throwdown on the street happened, it would be mad fun. Get as many people as possible on the roof tops looking down. Risers could be set up in a few places. If each university brought a delegation of supporters it would be packed. Get the police to temporarily allow alcohol on the street, and there'd be a mini-mardi gras.

Matt Kastner said...

Does the business district own that parking lot? I always assumed that did, but that would be key. The only problem I can see with that is that they show outdoor movies in TG Park all the time. That doesn't mean it can't happen, just something to consider.

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