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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Urban St. Louis v2.0

The Urban St. Louis forums (, usually referred to simply as "UrbanSTL", have spent the past couple months undergoing a series of changes. The site has long been St. Louis's go-to source for urban-related news and developments. To those of us who have enjoyed the website since the mid 2000s, the UrbanSTL of those shaky few months was a shadow of its former self. As the forum regularly crashed or froze up, users dwindled and posts became more infrequent.

The new interface

What was once a good source for finding out just about any built environment news, new developments, or other issues in St. Louis became a wholly frustrating experience.

Thankfully, some creative (and patient!) minds have gotten together and retooled the site, adding several new features. Most importantly, the new UrbanSTL is fast and reliable. May its network and frequent posters repopulate so that St. Louis can again brag of this more-than-useful resource!

What I am calling Urban St. Louis v2.0 is integrated with Alex Ihnen's St. Louis Urban Workshop blog, meaning that UrbanSTL now has a companion/host website to aggregate news and developments. Furthermore, the site contains a "social" section to connect with other forumers and a wiki so that users can avoid wading through 400 pages of rumors and chatter about Ballpark Village and find only the latest news.

I encourage every reader of this blog to register and contribute to the discussion. For those who have sworn the site off due to its past problems, rejoice and reconcile!

UrbanSTL is (or at least was) a truly thriving online community unique to St. Louis. Even larger and more prosperous Boston, with its ArchBoston forum, once expressed envy over St. Louis's urbanism forum. Let's make that the case once more! Click here to visit the forum directly.


David said...

Awesome post and thanks a bunch, Matt. Alex and I have worked hard to bring it to the next level. Also note that we have a repository of nearly 2000 videos (and growing) as well. Check it here:

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