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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cultural Resources Recommends Approval of New Shaw Development; Denial of Demolition Permit

The Cultural Resources Office has put the full April Preservation Board agenda online.

To read more about this agenda, please see my earlier post.

The main item is the proposal to construct 11 single family and 4 two family buildings on the 4100 block of DeTonty. Contained within the proposal is a proposed demolition of an existing corner structure at 4100 DeTonty. (Read the full agenda item PDF here.)

The CRO has stated that they support the new construction in Shaw, but oppose the demolition, calling 4100 DeTonty an "excellent candidate" for rehabilitation and inclusion as part of the project. I agree.

That said, what of Millennium Restoration? Why have they been booted from their original proposal for the block? The new renderings don't look quite as good as Millennium's...


From Preservation Board

From Preservation Board

I'm happy that the CRO has decided not to approve of the demolition of a sound and reusable Garden District classic home. Yet I'm wondering why Millennium was stiffed. Anyone have the answers?

If you'd like to weigh in, the meeting is on Monday (April 27) at 4 p.m. It is located at 1015 Locust, Floor 12. It should be interesting, as Terry Kennedy has abruptly shifted his role from Public Safety Chairman to Transportation. This means he's no longer on the Preservation Board. Seventh Ward Alderman Phyllis Young, then, takes his spot.


Michael R. Allen said...

Matt, what is the "Garden District" of which you speak? This is Shaw you're writing about! :)

Millennium wasn't "booted" but withdrew from this project.

Matt M. said...

I had heard that Millennium was sort of bumped from this project with little warning. Yet the city says they still own the lots? I may need to check with my source...

Re: The Garden District

What can I say? I like to make any links between New Orleans and St. Louis when they seem possible.

Nancy Hohmann said...

Millennium never "withdrew" - we were withdrawn by the Alderman without notification. We own the property, have NPA credits awarded, and full architectural drawings. We were not notified of the change - I found out by reading this blog.
My concern now is what type of compensation will the new developer and city try to negotiate. Also, as a limited number of banks are doing construction loans right now, how is the project going to be completed any sooner than if it remains with us?

Michael R. Allen said...

Wow -- I had no idea. Just going by the CRO report. Sounds like a messy situation.

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