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Thursday, February 11, 2010

St. Louis Intersections in High Definition from Google Maps

This could be horribly old news, but it's a new discovery to me, at least.

Fans of Google Maps' StreetView might be pleased to know that most, if not all, intersections in the city are now in what I call "high definition" rather than the usual grainy resolution.

Many of our city's corners look great with such rendering! Here's a before and after look, from Soulard. Note that, when you're not in an intersection, the old resolution is still present. Other cities, such as Pittsburgh, seem to have their whole expanses covered with this "high definition" rendering.

10th and Menard Streets, non-intersection view.

10th and Menard - intersection view

I know this post is impossibly nerdy, but just thought I'd pass it along for those with the same cartographic/photographic inclinations.

UPDATE: It looks like the H-D photos are most prevalent in areas heavily covered by Streetview (South City and Downtown). Some Central West End and North Side intersections are not yet updated.

SECOND UPDATE: Google has added more sections of the city (completely HD) to Streetview. The Patch, Princeton Heights, portions of Bevo and Holly Hills, etc. were all basically left untouched and are now available on Streetview. I hope they finish the rest of the city--the North Side is particularly undone.


Chris said...

I saw the Google van cruising down Meramec a couple of months ago; they must've been updating the images.

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