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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess the Neighborhood

How well do you know St. Louis?

Can you tell by a group of houses what neighborhood you're in with literally no other information?

Then where's the site below, captured by Google Streetview?

There are a few clues after all, I guess. For one, there are driveways present. That should narrow it down a bit. Secondly, the house in the center is fairly rare for St. Louis, with its pronouncedly concave roof eaves.

Which neighborhood is it? If you dare, which street/block?


Kevin Barbeau said...

I'm going to guess South City, near Carondelet Park...Holly Hills area, let's say. I seem to recall at least a few street driveways along HH Blvd.

Anonymous said...

thats what I was gonna say. Holly hills, south city

scottwmcintosh said...

I bet it's Holly Place in north STL.

Aaron Kaskowitz said...

St. Louis Hills

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why but I think this is Shaw. One of the blocks further to the east, rather than deep into the neighborhood. Maybe Castelman.

Will said...

Carondelet. Or maybe Dutchtown.

miguelito said...

Southhampton. Three or so blocks west of Kingshighway on Landsdown.

Leigh said...

63109 baby!

Matt M. said...

Southampton is correct!

Now who can get the block/street?

Lansdowne is incorrect.

gzavaglia said...
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Doug Duckworth said...


Anonymous said...
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Matt M. said...

It's Winona, 5000 block, for all who were still wondering.

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