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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hyde Park's "Number Streets" See a Flurry of Renovations in March

 In the month of March, the Hyde Park neighborhood saw over $4.8 million in building permit activity. Almost all of the permits are in Hyde Park's western half, in the "number streets" from 19th up to 25th.

Included in the mix of units with permits for substantial rehabilitation are:

--two single-family homes
--ten two-family homes
--three four-family homes.

The owner of the parcels in question is Eliot School, LP.

Below is a list of the addresses, with whatever pictures I could scrounge up from the city's website. UPDATE (4/26/10): Chris Naffziger of St. Louis Patina was kind enough to get some photographs of addresses I couldn't get pictures for online! Thanks, Chris!

4034 N. 23rd Street (courtesy of Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina)

4008 25th Street

3606-08 19th Street (at center)

3613 19th Street

3915-17 19th Street

3942-44 N. 20th Street (courtesy of Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina)

3918 N. 21st Street (courtesy of Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina)

3931 N. 21st Street (courtesy of Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina)

4031 N. 22nd Street

3906 N. 23rd Street

4013 N. 23rd Street (courtesy of Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina)

3610-12 25th Street (at left)

3933 25th Street (what a gem!?)

4009 25th Street

1918 Angelica (courtesy of Chris Naffziger at St. Louis Patina)
I am absolutely overjoyed to see so many venerable Hyde Park structures getting rehabilitated! Hyde Park is my favorite North Side neighborhood and among my favorites in the city. Concentrated rehabilitation is a great strategy for stabilizing this portion of the neighborhood. Way to go! Anyone care to fill in the photographic gaps for me? I'd credit your work and possibly buy you lunch at Cornerstone Cafe in Hyde Park the next time I'm in town!


Anonymous said...

freaking awesome! 3933 25th Street looks so stately with its stone wall and old tree. i'd buy it in a second!

samizdat said...

Bully for Hyde Park! Too bad it took 24 years to get to the point they were at when DICK Gephardt shived us and the City--and other older cities--with the Tax Reform Act of 1986. DICK is nothing more than a craven, calculating turncoat, and Jay Nixon is about to join him.

Chris said...


E-mail me a list of exactly which houses you would like pictures of; we're going to be exploring up that way this weekend.

Justin said...

Do we know who Eliot School is? or have any information on them?

Matt M. said...

Well, the Eliot School is located at 4242 Grove, also in the neighborhood. I believe the Eliot School was closed not too long ago. Senior homes conversion? Possible. Whatever the use, it's a great building and should be preserved!

The Irving School is also in the neighborhood and has been fully rehabbed.

I'll check now to see if it's the same developer...

Matt M. said...

Just checked it--the Eliot School, LP and the Irving School, LP have the same registered address at 1425 S. 18th. It's the same developer, then, who did the rehab shown in that photo I linked to in my previous comment.

Awesome news--these guys/gals are really bringing up this side of the neighborhood.

Justin said...

That is great news.

Anonymous said...

I grew up at 3919 N 25th St and played at 3933. When I was very little a family lived there who would not let us sit even on the bottom step. Then one of my best friend's family rented that house. It was neat. The basement had stone walls and the only way to get to it was from the outside (if I remember correctly). It was very creepy and we loved playing hide and seek there. We used to wall across those stones as our balancing act. I was also hit by a car while riding my bike down the street. The car was exiting the property next to the house. He couldn't see us riding.

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