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Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Memoriam: 6323 Arthur in Lindenwood Park

6323 Arthur was a great distance from high-style. Its "fish scale" shingle cladding didn't flatter it. Regardless, located in family-friendly and solid middle class Southwest City, it was likely too small to attract much interest.

Still, I note its demolition with a fleck of sadness. These front gabled shotguns--especially of the wood/frame variety--are quite rare in the city of St. Louis.

It's strange to think that, in such a stable neighborhood, the property just could not sell (despite its size). It's an LRA lot now.

Here's a view from May 2008.

And here is a view of the lot, post-demolition, in October 2008.

The city doesn't have records on a date of construction. Neighboring homes actually date from the turn of the century to about 1930, typically. 6323's simple A-frame design probably dates to around 1910, if I were to guess.

This little house will soon be forgotten, when the straw melds into the soil. It will likely be a side lot for an adjacent property some day, if not very soon.

I think the block was better for having it.

Update: I found this through a Google search. This site will host a new home developed by Blue Brick Properties (and it's going to be green, too). Though the rendering is of the two-dimensional, black and white variety, and an assessment as to its design quality is difficult to make, this news is better news than a side yard for sure. Let's hope the economy hasn't halted construction. After all, the Assessor still notes that it's LRA-owned.


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